It’s always interesting to me when brands decide to try something new and step outside of what they already know works. Although this year was the first time that Magic Millions have ran their polo it was a match no one could deny was made for one-another.

Strolling through Doug Jennings Park in the beautiful Gold Coast as the sun was shining it dawned on me that the first ever Magic Millions Polo couldn’t have asked for a better inaugural reception.

As I looked around it was hard to miss the exquisite fashions that is expected of the polo. Men and women alike were adorned head to toe in fabulous garments. Dressed to the nines it was so refreshing to see a more casual-luxe approach to high-end wear and just how well the fashion world mixed in with this prestigious event.

Much like the polo’s held around the country, and indeed the globe, Magic Millions followed suit. Mixing fashion, food, cocktails & music with the high-end class of polo the event seemed to happen effortlessly.

If this is what can be created within their first-year I look forward to adding this fun new event to my social calendar for 2018. If you didn’t get the chance to experience the Polo this time around I warn you not to miss next year’s event, it’s sure to wow you! It may even be the most Magic-al day of the summer party season!

Photos by Ken Butti.