Yesterday Melbourne accessories label Erstwilder launched their newest collaboration capsule collection with designer Lenko and it’s one we all should hold dear to our hearts! It seems like every day these days we hear about another animal going extinct and so the luxury label have decided to honour some of the worlds most endangered species with a capsule collection that helps us remember just what we need to be saving – animals all over the globe who now rely on us for their survival.

From the ocean to the rainforest the brands offer 15 unique ornamental animals that will fit into any woman’s wardrobe and no matter if you’re a fan of the feathered, furry or scaled their is something for everyone. The range offers a unique offering of necklaces, earrings and broaches and as an added bonus four of the designs have been reimagined as strict limited edition Lenko x Erstwilder printed sweaters so you can show your support or mix-and-match no matter what your style is!

If you’re yet to see the amazing Endangered Animals capsule collection by Erstwilder X Lenko then take a look below at some of my favourite pieces or do yourself a favour and head straight to their website where you can get yourself one!