Launching a one-off masterclass series in conjunction with their vast range of offerings Wild Turkey last night opened up their Spirit of the Wild series and as they took guests on a culinary and masterminded journey through pairing their products they allowed for a new and innovative way to have their products seen by tastemakers and the general public alike. Teaming with Chris and Cam Grant, the founders of Unyoked (an off-grid cabin movement) and sustainable chef Darren Robertson (Three Blue Ducks & Rocker) the series invites Australians to enjoy and appreciate an evening of real food, real craft and real outdoors as they get off the couch and reconnect with the outdoors.

Starting at Sydney’s Terminus Hotel in Pyrmont the travelling on-premise series is set to journey across the country from August engaging guests to learn about real food, stripped back to the essentials a BBQ smoking workshop as well as making cocktails with native and foraged ingredients all inspiredly the master chef himself. Helping the series come to life guests are treated to a Q&A with the brothers who made camping cool again and with the antidote to modern life attendees get to hear from the Unyoked team and how they’re pioneering there trend to make the wilderness accessible.

If you’re yet to experience the wild for yourself then what are you waiting for Wild Turkey’s Spirit of the Wild is calling and after seeing it for myself last night I know you’ll want to answer the call. Check out some of my favourite moments below from the night that was and make sure to check out when it’s in your town/city!