Marking a decade since they first stepped on the scene Flight Facilities “Return Flight” tour landed in melbourne last night and as the duo took to the stage the crowd’s uproar of love and support for the Aussie duo was so loud it may have been heard from outer space! It was clear from the start this was going to be one hell of a show and as they played through a rolodex of hits (both theirs and remixes they produced) their wasn’t a person in the crowd that wasn’t sending positive vibes out to the truly respected, admired and much beloved Aussie greats! After returning from a run of American dates and a national tour with Groovin The Moo the Aria Award Winners promised a show that showcased their vast musicality and that they certainly delivered on.

Playing some of their new hits including the new single, featuring Dustin-Tebbutt, All Your Love, Need You & the nostalgically elegant Telstra tune Clare de Lune amongst a string of remixed classics the boys had the crowd begging for more and as vocalists GRAACE & Owl Eyes filtered through their catalogues of work you couldn’t help but scream with excitement to every word you knew as you danced your way through the night.

From start to finish the Flight Facilities team was a class act and if you missed out on seeing them this time round then don’t make that mistake twice! The truly encapsulating duo is one high on my list of Australian’s you need to see and is an act you can always count on to get you up, dancing and singing to hits you never knew you loved but somehow can’t live without!