After the success of the Melbourne Retail Festival the creative team decided to take the show on the road and I was lucky enough to be asked to do the styling for their four incredible runway shows at this years inaugural Sydney Retail Festival. Showcasing emerging and established mens and womenswear designers from all across Australia the four shows were split into swimwear, resort, ready to wear and couture runways that went off without a hitch. With 195 looks over two days and four runways I had my work cut out for me when it came to styling but with an incurable team of assistants, creatives and models we managed to make each look perfect and as each of the designs showcased in-front of industry professionals, the media and fashion peers of all descriptions the reception was electric allowing for a runway show that was acclaimed as one of the best I’ve ever done!

Showcasing brands like Doubs Clothing, Sand Brazil, Meri by Design, David & Isaak, Revoque, Best Jumpers, Myra Swim and Anya Tam alongside accessories and shoes by brands like Gisele Collection, Mash Accessories, Peta & Jain, Ugg Australia & Gaviota the runways were intricately put together to showcase the best of Australian fashion while offering street looks, swimwear brands and couture labels the chance to put their unique spins on a runway. Incorporating curve and petite into these runways was an added challenge that I loved as it gave me a chance to show off all types of fashion and how inclusive the fashion world can be!

If you didn’t catch the stories or posts on my instagram then don’t fret as you can now take a look at what happened behind the scenes at this years Sydney Retail Festival below. Check out some of my favourite looks, pieces and moments from the two day show and an added bonus the team have decided to bring the show back next year so Melbourne look forward to another round of incurable shows and moments from BTS very very soon!

Lead picture by Jayden Ostwald

Body pictures by Haluk Baysal & Cloakroom Media