Ready to thrill you with its frothy fun and naughty moments Richard O’Brien’s adaptation of the sci-fi double feature that rocked the world is set to stun you as it takes to Melbourne’s Her Majesty Theatre. The Rocky Horror Picture show is an iconicly infamous movie that has become a cult classic since it’s first appearance in 1973 and after being performed in over 30 countries and translated to more than 20 languages this incredibly talented Australian cast of superstars, including Todd McKenney and Shane Jacobson, now has the pleasure of re-taking you on the adventure into Brad and Janet’s unfortunate night at Frank’N’Furter’s “house of pleasures”.

From the minute we are reintroduced to the squeaky clean couple we are immediately taken on a trip down memory lane and after Brad works up the courage to tell Janet how much he loves her, their car failure and they’re stumbling across the mysterious mansion the thrilling and hilarious fun truly starts. We’re pelvic-thrusted intro introductions and become acquainted with the house master, and his wildly adventurous master plan, and as the duo realise there’s no exit from this mysteriously hedonistic home/lab of the sweetest Transvestite we see the whole crew be introduced to the infamous Rocky and his perfect persona before a night of hilarious miss-behaviours that land the recently engaged duo in a world unlike that they’ve ever know before.

If you haven’t yet seen Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror musical then you are truly missing out but don’t fear as their are plenty of dates on the schedule so you can still catch yourself a great day or night out as you’re Time Warped into a world that you never knew you wanted to see but can’t look away from. This brilliant production is a must see and I can’t tell you enough just how much I enjoyed the entire spectacle. Take a look at some of my favourite moments and hopefully I’ll see you at a show singing along to those tunes you know you want to burst out and sing!