As a leading trend in the mens accesory world the image of the skull has been used in jewellery since the first piece of jewellery was ever worn. Big, bold and a bit bikie looking the skull has grown to become a first choice for most males when purchasing not to mention its wide-spread appeal which gives the trend it’s “staple” status. In homage to the jewellery trend local artisans and craftsmen/women have teamed together to present Skull, an exhibition inspired by the critical human bone-mass held live at Melbourne’s go-to menswear jewellery house Lord Coconut from June 1st.

The exhibition allows Australian based jewellers and artisans to create a piece of human skull inspired jewellery for men through both contemporary art using a stylised image of the human skull or the more literal route choosing an anatomically correct image of the skull. Both ways allow us to recognise the familiar image and through the exhibition we are able to see skull jewellery, wheher a ring, cufflinks or a pendant, taken to the next level through the detailed works of master craftspeople.

Make sure you head down to Lord Coconut as June arrives to see the mastered Skull works on display and purchasable in-store. I have a first look at some of the inspired pieces below and have chosen a few of my favourites to get you inspired but I’m sure you will be with each piece of the collection being multi-faceted and so workable into any wardrobe.