Much like any good fashion brand Southern Scholar was born out of necessity. After graduating from Arizona State University Kevin Wohlman noticed that the modern gentlemen was limited in their choice of socks to basic colours and poor fit or comfort and so decided to be the change he wanted to see. Not conceding to conformity the fashionable gent came up with a line of unique yet professional designs that use classic colour blends and a unique mix of materials that offer dapper gents everywhere a modern alternative to the bland status quo.

With a four point difference, ribbed cuffs, seamless toe caps, reinforced heels & a unique polyester/spandex blend, the range has developed so far that the they now offer a seasonal range fit for any fashionable man. Going into the American fall/winter the brand has released it’s new collection which includes a subtle, minimalistic range of dark purples, navies, greens and blacks in a range of patterns that are available through the label’s subscription box that comes with a curated and cultured style card, telling of how to and what to pair with your new accessory.

Take a look at the new range from Southern Scholar and see just why they have been labeled “the perfect gift for the gentleman in your life”. With Christmas just around the corner they have you sorted for stocking fillers that will have your favourite man looking and feeling good all year long!