With a string of muti-award winning hits, a style that ground-breakingly blurred the lines of genere specifications and a sound that ignited the rioting youth we once were it was no surprise to see scores of fans flock to Greenday‘s first Australian concert in over three years and first headline tour in over eight this past weekend. With their individual takes on rock-n-roll meets pop-punk style legions of fans, new and old, took to the bands 7 packed Australian shows to get a glimpse at just what America’s finest had to offer.

Taking to the stage just minutes after their infamous dancing bunny the Rock and Roll Hall Of Famers started the night with a bang introducing us to some newer works while keeping us drawn in with vintage classics allowing fans of all stages of their illustrious career the chance to experience just what pop-punk in its premium stage looked like. While Radio Revolution, their newest work, was highlighted the always political angsty view of the band played a clear focuss in between and during their songs with brief stabs at the now American president, a rock rendition of a medly of clasics and even a mid-song break to tell fans to love eachother as much as the band loves them the show showcased and highlighted just why the Grammy Award winners were still at the peak of their success with no plans of slowing down.

From the opening song to the end of the second encore we were taken on a musical journey with artistic geniuses that fullfilled the void we’ve longed for. From I Walk Alone to Bang Bang, American Idiot & Jesus of Suburbia to Time of Your Life the jam-packed crowd was stood upright hanging on every word singing as loud as they could as if we’d never get to see this tremendous display of musical brilliance again.

If you get the chance to go and see Greenday live trust me and do yourself a favour and see just why millions of fans around the globe choose to go and sell-out their shows. The concert is filled with incredible moments, brilliant artistic looks and true showmanship. Take a look at some of my favourite moments from the show below and hopefully it won’t be too long until we get to see them perform down under again.

Photos by Brett Schewitz.