Yesterday Melbourne streetwear designer Ethan Smith of SauvageTimes* & luxury designer Gavin Shade of Pitchlack by Shade showcased their capsule collaboration collection “Liminal Space” in a pop-up store that showcased the growing fusion between street-wear designers and luxury designers. The printed and heavily designed focussed pieces were a hit with fans of both brands and as the two continue to expand their brands with new and innovative collaboratory capsule collections it is certain that they will continue their way to the top of Melbourne’s ever growing fashion culture. With bold and bright designs this collection offers a look at both designers aesthetics with a hint of global trends and combines them into what I think is a winning formula.

The three piece collection gives us a chance to see what both designers bring to the table while simultaneously offering a chance to own a very special part of bth brands history. With both designers being emerging in their fields the two are far from learning how to hone their craft which is evident in this collection. Bright bold reds and contrasting blacks play the canvas for minimalistic prints and white overlocked stitching in this exploration of each others world and as I got to see each of the pieces – the tee, jumper and pants – up close for myself it was evident that the sheer craftsmanship and dedication to fashion runs through both designers bloods.

If you haven’t yet seen the collaboratory capsule collection by SauvageTimes* & Pitchblack by Shade then take a look below at some of my favourite moments from their pop-up store launch party or better yet jump on their websites and shop the pieces for yourself now, we know you won’t be disappointed!