Getting to work with my friend and premiere Australian DJ Brynny on his new press shots was a fun process that resulted in imagery thats both fun and simple while being detailed and signatorial. With his unique point of difference and typically Australian style Brynny bought a fun and high-energy spirit to set that helped immensly in producing the images we captured below.

Working with plain and sleek street brands like Nena & Pasadena & Article the street-luxe look was brought to life with the artists cool and charismatic charm. With a unique and fun look at the development in Brynny’s musical ventures this new body of shots exudes the ultra-cool DJ he has become.

If you haven’t yet seen the shots take a look below for an exclusive sneak-peak into the artists latest shoot and don’t forget to catch Brynny on his European tour on now or Australian tour later in the year!

Photos by Kayzar.

Grooming by Sharlysa Brown.