Using artificial intelligence to get you know your style the Sydney based company Jamie & I are revolutionising the way stylists interact with the general consumer and with their new interactive app the brand that’s breaking bounds in fashion technology not only showcases you a range of what you should wear, but gives you a tailored personal shopper that helps you try before you buy, and in an effort to make it accessible for everyone, because everyone deserves to feel and look good, it’s free to use!

Yesterday I got to try my hand at the new app and I can’t tell you how easy it was to use, which I know is something every consumer will love! As a stylist myself I wanted to see how helpful this tool could be and I have to say it really did point out some things even I found super useful. After logging on and creating a profile I answered a few quick questions, made fun with the use of images and pop culture references, about my style and in seconds I had an email showcasing 3 new outfits that represented me and what I see my style as that I could either use as inspiration when buying or I could pick and choose to buy through the website itself. The real beauty is that it showcases a curated collection of the most amazing independent Australian labels so that you are not only buying items you love and that work for you and your wardrobe but you’re supporting local business as well!

The easy-to-use online guide then continues to help you through your fashion journey as it emails you weekly updates and 3 new looks that you can again choose to use as inspiration when buying or buy direct from the app. It allows you to personalise your style and try new things that you would have never thought worked but through the magic of technology you can see how the items fit easily and perfectly into your life and as you take the hard work of looking for the perfect items for the season ahead or that special occasion you are treated to a relaxing experience that does all of the hard work for you!

If you’re yet to try the new Jamie & I online stylist then what are you waiting for? The free and effortless website is waiting and with no pressure to buy the app is a girls best friend when it comes to making your life easy and a lot more stress free when it comes to shopping! Take a look below and see how easy my day was using Jamie & I or do yourself a favour and try it for yourself here!