With over 12 million men in Australia there is no surprise that the fashion world has stepped up it’s menswear game in recent years to accomodate the growing number of fashionable males and with a range of options from low end to high end it can be a little confusing these days to find a style your own and a brand that compliments it. This week Top Button challenged me to dress a man for a week in their tailored shirts and see if they stood up to the test of looking good and wearing well while he did everything he needed to in them and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

I chose a busy model friend Josh to try out my experiment on and after deciding what he would wear for the week I told him nothing more than I wanted to know how the shirts wore and felt and the end of each day. Now I know what you’re thinking, it’s a shirt, how can it be that different, and to a degree you’re right, it’s not that different, but the brand prides itself on made-to-measure shirts that are easily accessible and perfect to wear. Based in Melbourne the creative team are passionate about the fit of their garments and pride themselves on making men feel more confident. Individually tailored to each body size the fabric holds as their is no pulling or tightness making this shirt the perfect wardrobe inclusion. As the days went by and Josh fed me he’s feedback I grew more and more intrigued and by Friday I had made up my mind on this brand.

I heard a lot about what happened in Josh‘s busy days and how he really put the the shirts to work as he drove, walked, ran, caught trams and trains, ate, had coffee, took meetings and waited for dates and as I compiled all of the data I realised I had no negative points. The shirts were comfy and didn’t pull, they lasted through a washing cycle and managed to hold their shape, the fabric felt luxurious and best of all he got comments on how well he dressed. I called to make sure he wasn’t just telling me the good stuff and to my surprise he had nothing even remotely negative to say!

If you haven’t seen the team at Top Button for your business wear then you are truly missing out, head their website or shoot them an email as I know they’re always super happy to help out with all of your bespoke shirting needs, don’t forget to say hi from me. Take a look at more from a week with Josh below and see some of the amazing range the truly talented team have to offer. I can’t wait to see what shirts you will all be wearing.

Photographs by Jayden Ostwald.