With more and more men taking the rise of beauty trends globally seriously I decided to try a day at the spa for myself and after chatting with the team at Sydney’s Revive Clinics I knew they were the only one for me! Boasting a large range of cometic treatments I found myself lost with decisions and even more lost on where to begin but the team eased me into the world of cosmetic beauty with a conversation about my lifestyle and suggestions on how to help remedy some of my skin issues. Riddled with anticipation I made my way to the beautiful Double Bay location where I met the team who explained to me the procedure while assuring me of the skin benefits I would see post treatment and with some knowledge I eased my way into the chair.

Now let’s be clear, I don’t have anything majorly wrong with my skin, just some stress lines, and some black heads, but even still I didn’t want to work my way into the deep end without dipping my toes in the shallow end first. I, like many others thought a face peel would end up looking like that horrific scene from Sex In The City where Samantha reveals her wounds but after chatting with the doctor she reassured me that I’d be fine and even promised an arm massage, which I never would have passed up, so we began with the setup as I sat anxiously. I must admit when the head wrap went on I was a little worried that the treatment would leave me scared but as the soothing creme touched my skin I completely relaxed and let the doctor do her thing.

Talking through the steps the doctor kept me up to date with what was happening and why which both taught me a bunch of things, while keeping me relaxed, and showed me how I could better look after my skin. After a few steps I began to fade away and by the time the head and arm massage came along I was almost in a state of pure bliss. As the treatment came to an end and the mask was removed from my face I began to feel an immediate change, a lighter and fresher change that both had me happier and gave me a glow that radiated how free my face now was.

If you haven’t yet do yourself a favour and see why Revive Clinics are at the top of their field when it comes to skincare. Not only do the team have a range of luxurious products exclusive to their locations but the informative and well trained practitioners will have you looking and feeling like the best version of you you can be, so what are you waiting for?