I am forever getting asked “how did you find that” and “where is it from” even when not on set or dressing one of the many clients we deal with week-to-week so I decided to start sharing with you all a month article that features some of my favourite items that I think would be perfect for your wardrobes. With changing seasons and trends, fads and colours it can be hard to keep up with fashion, but I have scoured the globe and selected these 20 fashion pieces and accessories as I am sure that they will work season after season and keep you looking fresh while not breaking the budget!

Keeping my selection to pieces under $300 the below range of options are a steal and offer you a great option to be fashionable everyday! Take a look at my favourite July dapper and street pieces from some of my favourite brands and as an added bonus click the word “website” under each piece to shop the pieces at their exclusive prices, but be quick we know these bargains won’t last long!


I’ve selected these pieces for the suave man who considers suits a daily necessity. From luxury brands to elite materials these fashion forward pieces are sure to be valuable additions to your already dapper wardrobe. This month we have pieces from Billy Bones Club, Avalina Leather, Fossil and many more so make sure to take a close look and see how they’ll work into your looks this season!


I’ve selected these pieces for the man who likes to be comfortable and wears streetwear within their weekly outfits. From hoodies and trackies to runners and bomber jackets these street-chic pieces are sure to have you looking good and feeling comfy. This month we have pieces from Supadry, Campbell & Hall, Wild Rhino and many more so take a look to see what you’ll be wearing to this seasons festivals, day parties and as you run your day-to-day errands!