Combining their love and passion for art and locally sourced quality wine the team at Pord challenged me to this week road-test their sustainable and artistically driven mini wine barrel. After having had a first hand experience in using their product I have to tell you the joys and ease of this perfectly designed unit far surpass anything I initially imagined. I’m sure we have all had those moments when we are going to a pool party or BBQ, a birthday lunch or a dinner party where we’re responsible for the drinks and the struggle of trying to carry bottles of wine from the car to wherever were going is what we’re left to face… well no more!

Re-working an existing idea, the Pord team used German engineering to re-invent the cask wine – but unlike previous “goons” from the past that gave you headaches, they’ve set themselves apart by partnering up with the reputable Mitchelton winery, who has exclusively crafted three wine varieties for you to choose from – allowing for a new generation of wine-lovers to enjoy good quality, locally sourced wines in a limited edition, reusable wine barrel. 

As Australians, it’s no secret we love wine, and use it to celebrate just about every occasion, so this eight-inch, bespoke mini barrel is the perfect way to treat yourself and your friends to a fuss-free drink to celebrate your night, or to have at home and drink at your leisure. We all buy with our eyes, and usually the prettiest bottle wins, so the team at Pord thought long and hard and decided why not give them both a good looking bottle and a great tasting wine… and further more, why not make the object reusable? 

Each Pord is wrapped in limited edition artwork created by reputable artists Evi O. , Hannah Nowlan and Filippa Edghill. Once the wine has been drunk the cask transforms into a reusable object that can live on for whatever you wish to use it – a vase, an ice bucket, a cookie jar or even a storage unit. The objects are divine captures of the artists’ work that you simply can’t help, but want in your home.

So why buy Pord, instead of a bottle of wine? Well, besides the fact that you get to own a mini wine barrel wrapped in limited edition artwork, which comes with a hand signed and numbered certificate of authenticity by the artist, the wine stored in Pord lasts between 4 – 6 weeks upon opening – and with 3 litres in every barrel, this becomes integral. Whether it’s an occasional night out with friends, or a solo dinner, the masterfully crafted product allows you to enjoy a glass of wine on your own without feeling the need to drink it all before it “starts to not taste right”!

Whether you’re a red drinker or you prefer a chilled glass of white Pord lets you select either a Shiraz, Pinot Grigio or Rosé, hand picked at Mitchelton and packed into this delightful barrel so you can enjoy anywhere, anytime. With the ease of a one stop shop you simply just have to order, and carry it to wherever you will be drinking that day. Take a look at my day using Pord, and as a little Valentines treat you can now receive 20 per cent off – all you have to do is type in “jamieloves” when ordering – we all know you’ll be thanking me for it, regardless of whether you’re enjoying a glass over a romantic dinner, or as I did with friends at a barbecue!