Have you ever gone to a hairdresser to dye your hair just to be upset three or four weeks later when your re-growth starts showing, or you realise the colour has faded / not what is was? Well worry no more because I’ve found you a product, the new RichIt Treatments color booster mask, that not only boosts your colour but also leaves your hair feeling silky, smooth and moisture rich so you can pro-long those lengthy, unnecessary visits to the hairdresser! Usually I’d say leave it to the professionals when it comes to doing your hair but after trying this product for myself and on set with a model I can tell you that you’ll not only love the experience but you are leaving it to the professionals as well as helping yourself in an easy-to-do task that will leave your hair looking and feeling fresh!

In an effort to fight fading and give your colour a “pick me up” the salon quality product is a colour conditioner that allows you to achieve longer-lasting, better looking colour treatment with a specially formulated semi-permanent mixture that applies straight into wet hair and leaves your hair looking as vibrant as if it were done professionally at a salon. Made in four colour options brown, light blonde, grey and silver blonde the mixtures act as masks that leave your tresses feeling nourished and refreshed and they couldn’t be simpler to use! You start by picking the colour that works for you, wet your hair, and then apply the mask that’s infused with argan and coconut oils straight onto the wet hair before washing out as described on the packaging! The brown mixture fights dullness through fading and boosts the highlights, the light blonde revives the light and vibrancy of your highlights while fixing the yellow tones, the grey counteracts orange pigments and achieves bolder tones while the silver blonde works to fix orange tones and achieves a clear silver look. 

If you’re yet to check out the new RichIt treatments then I suggest you wait no longer! The Paraben and Sulphate free product is the perfect way to keep your hair looking and feeling new and even if you don’t die your hair it’s rich mixtures of Argan & Coconut Oil will leave your hair screaming of joy!