With a title like the original innovator of the fashion watch its no surprise that their new campaign, highlighting their new collection of hybrid and touchscreen smartwatches, is inspirationally intimate to say the least. Fossil teams with 4 celebrities, actresses Kristen Bell & Yara Shahidid, actor Leslie Odom Jnr. & singer Austin Mahone, who anacdotaly tell us about their first Fossil and the personal and professional milestones they reached in then.

Celebrating the revolutionary new range of “Fossil firsts”with the introduction of the hybrid and touchscreen technology the campaign taps into the nostalgia and memories associated with owning one of the brands illustrious and chic time-pieces keeping in tune with what the brands mission is. As the watch industry has changed, the accessory retailer continues to do what it has always done best: focus on innovative style and technology to reinvent the watch for a new generation of fans.

Yara and Austin represent a new generation of watch wearers whom are making new memories with these time-honored pieces while Kirsten and Leslie embody the watch wearer that has grown up with the brand and has seen them, much like themselves, evolve over the years. Sharing that no matter what walk of life you are from your “firsts” are memorable timekept moments that will forever be captured the 4 stars share their unique stories in this campaign allowing us to relate with our biggest wins, losses and draws and truly reminding us that the brand is invested in being their there for every failure, success and celebration on the path to finding life’s next memorable moment.

Incase you haven’t yet seen the incredible campaign imagery from the “Fossil first’s” campaign take a look below at some our our favourites which feature the breathtakingly modern new time-pieces themselves.