If you know me well you know that fitness has always been my greatness weakness, at least in my head it has. Growing up I wasn’t the type of kid to played sport or was very active, in-fact I was an introverted arts lover who would much rather stay inside and paint or draw but as I have gotten older I have been taking my health and fitness more seriously, as I am sure we all do. Since joining a gym last March and dropping a ton of weight I have never felt better but to get there was a process, one that consisted of reading articles that contradicted one another, following fad diets that never seemed to work and listening to people who only wanted to teach me their way, yet through all the failed attempts at getting fitter I found something that seemed to help – mPort.

Located throughout shopping centres Australia wide the branded pods can be a tough sell initially, but after trying it for myself I can tell you if you’re on your fitness journey then it’s something you need to seriously consider doing, it really did change the way I saw myself and it can do that for you too, regardless of how you feel it makes you look! The benefits you get just from stepping into the pod and learning how your body works and how you can change what you are doing is immense! After getting past the initial thoughts in my head that I need to look a certain way and eat and do certain things to achieve that I realised that it’s okay to be comfortable in whatever skin I was currently in, and that my weight is going to constantly change day to day. I know I made it sound easy – it’s not – but it is the truth and once I got past that everything else was easy.

Of-course a balanced diet and exercise came into play but after using the machine for the first time I honestly couldn’t imagine planning my body goals any other way! The quick and easy machine links to an app on your phone and after stepping into the pod, closing the door and being body scanned you moments later receive a 3D map of your body that goes through your height and weight as well as your BMI and target heart rate so you can see how your body looks and functions as well being able to put into practice planned ways to change anything that isn’t right as well as giving you stats on your ideal weight range, BMR, waist to height ratio and waist to hip ratio so you can see the functions in depth and how they work in your body. With 20 different metrics in place the journey helps you track along your progress and with every scan you can see what needs to be changed and what works to help you further achieve your goals!

I can’t tell you how beneficial this pod has been to me and achieving my weight loss goals but I can tell you that it’s the first option you should take to get to where you want to be. Knowledge is the key to weight loss I have learnt and without mPort I can tell you I wouldn’t be where I am now, 50+ kgs down in weight and fitter then ever! Jump into your local pod today and try your very own session now for free with their 14 day free trial for first time users and get yourself on the road to fit and healthy!