Strengthening their already firm grip on the fashion world this years P.E. Nation show at MBFWA was one not to be missed and for all the right reasons. When you think resort collections streetwear isn’t the first thing that comes to mind but after this show it was the only thing on everyones lips, from conventional sportswear to street styled clothing and swimwear this runway had everything you could want and more, including a moment that will go down in the record books as one of the greatest ever moments fashion week will ever see, one that would make this as infamous as the “rats” incident Ksubi pulled back when it was Tsubi.

As models seemingly ganged together on the runway we worked our way through the newest collection by the ath-leisure brand and as each piece walked it’s way to and from the start of the runway it was clear to see the glimmer in every woman eyes as they started to plan what piece/s they would be wearing for the seasons ahead. As the clearly well thought out range finished we were treated to a first-look at the collaboration between the brand and swimwear label synonymous with Australian summer, Speedo, and as the girls walked and water came down on them in a live water-worked runway we were treated to a moment that not only shocked and surprised atendees but one that allowed for some of the most memorable imagery we will see from MBFWA this decade.

If you’re yet to see the resort runway collection by P.E. Nation from this years MBFWA then take a look below at a first-look at the pieces I think you’ll not want to live without. Check out the “infamous moment” as well as getting a sneak peak into your new wardrobe favs.

All photos by Getty Images.