Yesterday I was treated to a day with Jalna Yoghurt thanks to the team at Into App as they transformed the popular South Yarra restaurant Rocksugar and took over their menu in an effort to show Melbourne foodies how to think outside the box! With a full menu, with vegetarian options, the iconic brand transformed some delectable options into creative masterpieces that truly allowed guests to understand that their product is more accessible than we once thought.

From starters to dessert and everything in between each item the menu used the product in a new and innovative way. From the king prawn starters to the chicken or tofu mains and the banana espresso martini and cake desserts each took a unique take when showcasing the yoghurt and offered a modern and distinctive exploration through taste. From harsh and heavy to light and fluffy each of the senses were treated as we worked our way through the menu and explored how the mastered brand fits into each of our lives through food.

Take a look below at some of my favourite moments from our day with Jalna Yoghurt thanks to the Into App and be sure to check out the incredibly cool yoghurt brand and see how imaginative you can get when creating your own masterpiece, hopefully you’ll have me around and treat me to the first taste!